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Introducing the eSAA Rapid Quantitative Test Kit: a revolutionary tool designed to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of the Healvet Portable and 3000 Blood Analyzer systems. Tailored for equine health monitoring, this kit provides veterinarians with a reliable, quick, and easy method to measure Serum Amyloid A (eSAA) levels, an acute phase protein indicative of inflammation, infection, or trauma in horses.

Key Features:

  • Species-Specific Design: Optimized for equine patients, this test kit ensures the accuracy and relevance of diagnostic data, contributing to more effective treatment plans.
  • Minimal Sample Requirement: Requires only a 5μL serum sample, minimizing the stress on the animal and simplifying the collection process.
  • Broad Detection Range: Capable of detecting eSAA concentrations ranging from 8 to 2000 mg/L, this kit can identify both mild and severe inflammatory responses.
  • Rapid Reaction Time: Delivers results in just 5 minutes, facilitating swift clinical decisions and enhancing the efficiency of veterinary care.
  • Maintenance-Free: Designed for ease of use and reliability, the kit requires no additional maintenance, ensuring readiness whenever testing is needed.

Clinical Relevance:

The eSAA Rapid Quantitative Test Kit serves as a crucial component in the equine health monitoring toolkit, offering a clear indication of the animal's inflammatory status. With a normal reference range of <20 mg/L and an abnormal range of >20 mg/L, veterinarians can quickly assess the severity of the condition and tailor their treatment approach accordingly.

Packaged as a set of 10 tests, this kit is an invaluable resource for equine veterinarians, equine health professionals, and care facilities. It supports the Healvet Portable and 3000 Blood Analyzer's commitment to providing comprehensive, on-site diagnostic solutions, ensuring that equine patients receive the timely and effective care they need.

eSAA Compatible with all Healvet Models

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